Kendra Wilkinson Pokies At SlutWalk In Los Angeles


Well I just love a good cause and got really excited for the SlutWalk organised by the Amber Rose foundation in Los Angeles! I know, I know, when you first hear the name you think naughtier things go down, but it’s actually a get together of people dressed up, strutting their stuff and standing up for gender equality and other important things that this sexual generation encounters. You SEX maniacs! ;)

Now you may say it’s a bit ironic of me to write about darling Kendra Wilkinson going braless and enjoying her boobies, but if you think about it, there is not a bigger fan of all lady parts in the world than me! And my adoring of pokies, huge boobs, ass, legs and the occasional pussy slip is a very important way of supporting these ladies. Kendra chose a see through-ish magenta top, with a huge cleavage, but not huge enough for her incredible boobies! They look like they are about to pop! This girl is a classic blonde sex bomb and after you have had enough staring and you can check out her sex tape [here] and be supportive of her cause… I know I am!

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