Kim Kardashian Big Ass In Bikini In Costa Rica

Just on Sunday Kim Kardashian headed to a party to celebrate the Super Bowl and today we get to enjoy her SUPER BOOTY! Yeah, it’s so big I had to write it in CAPS… Kim and her sister were spotted relaxing by the poolside in Costa Rica, all oiled and glowing in the sunlight! By the look of the photos, you would think that they were unaware of the paparazzo. But then again, why would she wear a nude thong bikini and pose so gracefully shot after shot?! I just hope this time she didn’t leave some giant ring in her hotel room, in light of her last visit to Paris. By the way, you can check it out here because that was one eventful trip!

Kim is known for that big ass, but I have to be honest, on some days, when she covers her ass with clothes it looks exaggerated.  And then are days like this, when only a tiny string bikini comes out of her ass, and it just looks magnificent… Furthermore, she went for a nude color that made my heart race at first. I mean imagine seeing her boobs free and glistening with oils… Oh wait, Kim is such a sweetheart she has her own sex tape right [here]!

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