Kim Kardashian Booty Gets Kissed By Journalist In Paris


Poor Kim Kardashian! Yeah, you never thought those three words could go together, but we kind of pity both Kim and the brave protest journalist that made a go for K’s big booty. He tried to kiss it while she was in Paris in a sheer dress. Well sheer is a relative word, I can’t name all the materials in the world these girls wear to show their skin, but you know what I mean – you almost can see everything through it. Paris isn’t a favorable city to our honey Kim, because after the journalist was slammed to the ground and she got away with it, matters took a turn for the worse. She was later robbed at gunpoint and dropped all her fancy jewelry.

How unfortunate… but don’t worry, she isn’t filling for bankruptcy just yet. Not as long as she has the best selling sex tape in the world, available [here]! In the face of this disastrous event, you can double check that tape, Kim needs all the love in the world! And you can give it to her, oh yeah!

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