Kim Kardashian Totally See Through Top In Miami


Well hello there! This is Kim Kardashian saying a big hello to the world from Miami in this totally see through top! I’m not even sure if I should call it see through or transparent because her nips are visible as day light, her boobs stand up and proud – and what good looking breasts they are! Too bad her long locks covered her tits while walking because there are only a few things in this mad world better than bouncing tits, and her bossom is one bouncing champion!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Kim lately and that is not bad since she is one smoking hot mamma! I mean check out dat ass, those tits! Where else can you see better ones? Well nowhere other than her sex tape… if you didn’t know she had one, you can check it out here! It will satisfy your afternoon dreaming and maybe turn you into a fapping freak at the office! ;) no worries, we’ve all been there!


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