Kimberley Garner Wearing A White Bikini On A Beach In St. Tropez


She’s lovely and cute! I cannot say that she’s porno, because Kimberley Garner doesn’t follow that style when it comes to her body and attitude, but I can say that she’s gorgeous and fitted to be loved. That thing on her head makes me think of hippies and that two piece bikini makes me wonder why I haven’t become a celebrity, to be able to have this type of babes in my bed.

It’s summer! Famous people will hit different fancy beaches from around the world. Kimberley is in St. Tropez … Eh, where else? When I see her standing on her hands, upside down, I just imagine the possibilities! She’s probably doing wonders in bed, like a damn gymnast, even if she isn’t one. This piece of ass is a swimwear designer, television personality, actress and who knows whatever else. Only 26 years old! I hope that she’ll keep her beauty!

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