Kourtney Kardashian Wearing A Swimsuit In France


Oh, these Kardashian women are one of a true kind! Of course, this one is not like Kim, but still! Kourtney Kardashian was wearing a swimsuit on a yacht in France while enjoying the pool. You often here me talking about the good life when it comes to these celebrities. A yacht with a pool can indeed be called “good life”.

Maybe her shapes are not the best. Maybe she doesn’t have the hottest ass on earth. Not even the biggest tits! But I like her and I think that she is very doable. These Kardashians have style and attitude! Sometimes this counts more than anything else. You can be so sexy when you know how to expose yourself as a goddess of hanky panky. And lots of famous ladies have the “Me hot as fu*k” guide in their pocket, wherever they go. More of Kourtney here.

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