Laura Cremaschi Topless In The Sea In Miami


We’ve talked about her! I was satisfied only to see that perfect ass, but when it comes to topless, I could die happy! Laura Cremaschi, my friends, in a sexy bikini, topless, on a beach in Miami. So come on, I made your day! Weekend is near, work is done, Laura is showing her breasts, wtf do you want more?

I am not sure what she’s doing in that photo … She’s probably checking the wind or who knows. She looks like she has a lot of fun and more important, her guy looks like she has the time of his life with his hands all over that sexy butt. Or maybe he’s bored already. You know that saying: for every hot woman (no matter how hot she is) out there, it must be a guy bored to have sex with her. Well, if he’s indeed bored, he should make room.

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