Lauren Silverman Hard Nipples On The Beach In Barbados

Looks like people started these holidays earlier, but then again when you and your partner are rich, holiday season is all year round! For a week though, Lauren Silverman enjoyed a vacation on the beach in Barbados. And what caught our eyes are of course those hard nipples! So hard! So wet! So suckable! The pokies almost ripped through her one-piece, black bikini, which wouldn’t have been a problem on either sides. I mean she could easily buy a new one, maybe a two piece swimsuit to show more skin, and we would have gotten a nipple slip in all its glory!

The 39 hottie is hot enough to switch from one mogul to another, and her partner is now Simon Cowell, with whom she has a two year old boy. She also has an older son from her previous marriage, but with that body I wouldn’t have guessed it! That is most likely due to the fact that she has few other cares than to look gorgeous and pampered! And as long as she shows off that body, we are cool!

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