Mariah Carey Nipple Slip At A Beach In Maui, Hawaii


So I guess the concerts were a success for Mariah Carey since she is at the beach in Maui, Hawaii, unwinding. And as she let her hair down she also had a small nipple slip. That’s sweet! Her nipple is minuscule and freezing and there is no sun in sight to warm her up… Leave it to us to give it a try! But be warned, who ever wants a piece of Mariah will get a lot! She is in a bikini but she has a whole lot of body! Just daaamn!

She looks different from the other day in the gallery here, but she is still a diva! When you have a big booty you need to rock it properly! So Mariah leaned over some rocks in a sexy pose. She then kneeled in the waves, slipped her tits and smiled like she has no care in the world. But hey, maybe that’s true! We are just lucky the cameras were there to catch her freezing nip. Take her away, boyz!

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