Mischa Barton Braless In A See Through Dress In New York


We are already used to see all these VIP women braless while attending all sorts of events. It is no surprise! It’s like the morning pray. You open your PC, enter some websites and voila! X is braless, Y has a see-through whatever, Z is topless under the jacket. Am I right?

For example, today, we see Mischa Barton,  braless in a a SEE THROUGH dress, at Globe Fashion Week X China Moment during the Fashion Show in New York City. Mischa has a classic, casual look for me. Nothing eccentric, pretty simple and beautiful. Simple can be gorgeous. In fact, simplicity has its own number of followers, these days. You need to wear what fits you! You sometimes need to say “F*ck fashion!” and go with whatever you like. Own style can be sexier than trend. Enjoy Mischa and this gallery!

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