Padma Lakshmi Wearing A White Bikini In Miami Beach


What an exotic flavor do we have here today? She’s hot, she’s spicy, she’s Padma Lakshmi on the beach in Miami Beach. The Top Chef host has some top job boobs and a great ass, all displayed in her two piece white bikini. We can feast our eyes on the Indian goddess as she has fun in the waves and if you look frame by frame you can really see the model in her. Just look at the way she emerges out of the water, all wet, gently touching the surface of the water or brushing her hair… … … I know!

And then you get to her big bust that looks as it’s about to pop!  And things do get better because even lower a shy camel toe is visible for our delight. It sure is a fun day at the beach for all of us! She is a 46 years old actress, TV host, and author and started her career as a model at the age of 21, but could certainly give a run for their money to some models even today! She almost gave us a heart attack!

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