Paris Jackson Pierced Nipple In See Through Top In Los Angeles

Wait what!? Is this the same Paris Jackson posing for Chanel? I thought princesses don’t fuel up? Well luckily Paris is not a princess but a hot girl at a gas station in Los Angeles. She is undeniably pretty but I like even more about her the fact that she doesn’t wear a bra. How many girls are out there with no bra in a see thru top, looking all fun and casual? Of course not many girls fit the description but things really narrow down when you ask how many of them have pierced nipples… So Paris is hot and pretty and versatile.

One day she can be a pin up girl on a poster and on other times, the girl next door everybody loves. Some more than others! How could you not ?! when showing her boobs is not enough, she also has a nice midriff on display and really cut out jeans with sneakers. A true girl next door…

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