Rebecca Hall See Through Dress At Harvey Weinstein Pre BAFTA’s Dinner

The Harvey Weinstein pre BAFTAs dinner took place in London. What, you weren’t invited?! No biggie, because Rebecca Hall was and the actress dressed just the way I like it. With no bra on…aaand in a see thru blouse… I might add it was black and that is perfect for the camera’s flash, it sees right through. So clearly that we noticed a tit was hanging lower and looking to the other side, it must have been blinded by all the lights. Or maybe it is a wanderer boob, looking for great adventures beyond the bra and clothes…

A great pair of tits indeed! Their shape is round and beautiful and in the brisky London air, those nips just got hard on us. If her husband didn’t get a hard on, Rebecca can count on us – her perky nips are sure to turn on our buttons… This is one 34 year old hottie, tall, lean and mean!

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