Rihanna Hard Nipples On The Set Of “Ocean’s Eight” In New York


Is it chilly in New York or is it chilly? There is only one answer judgingg by Rihanna‘s hard nips… It’s definitely chilly!  ;) She was seen once again on the set of “Ocean’s Eight” in New York going braless much to our enjoyment. Oh, almost forgot, check that other gallery on set here or if you would like to see her in a bikini, you can go to warmer places here… Getting back to her nipples, they are really pointy today! My God her pokies seem angry and with that nipple ring you can expect anything! I think some TLC wouldn’t hurt our bad girl Riri…

Meanwhile,  the rest of her outfit is just crazy, big boots and large overall jeans, not to mention the big head piece! Now I’m curious what is her part in the movie. Aaand if that overall does come off eventually or we will have to be content with her braless boobs only. I will be fine, I love boobs, but for the rest of you, don’t worry, it’s an all female cast… Surely you will fancy at least one!

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