Sarah Hyland Braless In See Through Top In Los Angeles


Sarah Hyland is a modern petite, young, fun and always prepared for the camera. I don’t even want to talk about her body parts until you agree with me about her pout! It’s barely there but it is, she looks directly at the camera, picks a pose and a feeling and just stares with determination to show off her perfect face. I’ve got to give it to her, that red lipstick is deadly! And talk about risky business, we just love that she chose to go braless at a charitable event, in Los Angeles.

I wouldn’t say her top is see through, but when the focus of the camera and the lighting falls on her breasts we can definitely see through that shiny material. And it’s perfect because who doesn’t like young tits with nipples and all?!? The wide and deep V cleavage is also a bold choice we have nothing against, but it makes me wonder… how long until we get to see even more of Sarah?! More of her body parts of course, because you can check her out here in other posts in our gallery – and I would like you to come back to me on that pout!

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