Selena Weber In A Thong Bikini At The Beach In Miami

Hot damn! What can you want more than a model on a beach? Well of course two models on the beach in Miami is a correct answer! Selena Weber and Katrina Motes went to cool off at the beach in really sexy, thong bikinis! Selena raised it up a notch by wearing a nude thong bikini that perfectly fits her ass! Even more, look at the pic where she has her life jacket on and her ass is to the camera, it appears she doesn’t have anything on to cover her pussy…

Not to mention her hot friend in the bright orange swimsuit! She bent a little, took a sip of water and looked just gorgeous with her boobies pressed in her swim bra! But the one really enjoying herself was still the 22 year old Selena. She went jet skiing, she tried to mess up with our minds in that nude thong. And figure out her audacity, she sticks her tongue out as she turns to the camera! Well you bet we were watching!

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