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August 9, 2017 in

Selena Weber wearing a thong bikini on the beach in Miami. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Selena but as usual, she never disappoints. Enjoy the UHQ images below!

Not so long ago we’ve seen Selena Weber and her friend Lauren Ashley wearing bikinis at some beach in Miami. Here they are again, both incredibly hot, wearing tiny thong bikinis – showing off their great bodies and as a bonus a bit of camel toe from Selena and some nice pokies from Lauren. Enjoy the UHQ photos taken a few weeks ago.

February 15, 2017 in

Wow, a new erotica on tonight! Two insanely hot models playing on the beach in Miami. Selena Weber & Lauren Ashley were playing with a ball…in the sand…in front of the camera… And that’s not even the end of it, they were wearing thong bikinis that show their gorgeous butts! We got also a cameltoe from Serena and a really nice ass crack as she checks her tushy for sand. And my gosh that’s a nice view! Look at those thin tan lines! The color, the cheeks, the crack! I’m going crazy over ass despite a strong liking of boobs!

The two were having fun running and jumping around. Check out Lauren with the wind blowing in her hair! This is a perfect photoshoot to inspire you, to make you want to go to the beach…or to your dark, secret place. You know, the one you get it on with two models! ;)

February 9, 2017 in

Do we have any designers in the audience? If yes – guys, is this a minimalist bikini? The one you barely sketch on your paper? Let alone on a perfect body? And does she have a perfect body or not?! The hot-as-fuck Selena Weber wore a charcoal bikini with simple straight lines on the beach in Miami. Her cocky look was completed by a pair of sunglasses and the smallest bikini to date. And it sits tight on her pussy so we can all enjoy a wet cameltoe (in a pic or two). After some heavy breathing -go to the other pics where her ass is to the camera. And her gorgeous cheeks reveal themselves from the thong bikini….

I know the color red should attract all eyes, but for me it’s not working. I cannot look at the other girl when Selena decides to show off in a simple yet striking swimsuit. If I didn’t know any better, I would say the bra straps are painted on, it’s incredible how good her back and ass looks!…

February 1, 2017 in

Hot damn! What can you want more than a model on a beach? Well of course two models on the beach in Miami is a correct answer! Selena Weber and Katrina Motes went to cool off at the beach in really sexy, thong bikinis! Selena raised it up a notch by wearing a nude thong bikini that perfectly fits her ass! Even more, look at the pic where she has her life jacket on and her ass is to the camera, it appears she doesn’t have anything on to cover her pussy…

Not to mention her hot friend in the bright orange swimsuit! She bent a little, took a sip of water and looked just gorgeous with her boobies pressed in her swim bra! But the one really enjoying herself was still the 22 year old Selena. She went jet skiing, she tried to mess up with our minds in that nude thong. And figure out her audacity, she sticks her tongue out as she turns to the camera! Well you bet we were watching!

December 13, 2016 in

Holy ass cheek! Welcome to my screen! I love to go to the beach to pick out inspiring girls for our daily gallery and Selena Weber poped up in the bright orange swimsuit she wore in Miami. OK, she is here not because of the color of her bikini but because of the type of bikini she chose – a thong one that caught my eyes and the eyes of all the people on the beach and over the internet…

Her ass flashed me from all sides and I couldn’t find any flaws. In fact, the mark on her right cheek makes her even more endearing. The model rocks a hot body and green eyes that go well with her golden locks. I could tell you more about her body but the pics talk for themselves. All I could add is what I would personally do to dat ass but I’ll leave you each to your own…

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