Selena Weber & Lauren Ashley Incredible Hot Bodies On The Beach

Wow, a new erotica on tonight! Two insanely hot models playing on the beach in Miami. Selena Weber & Lauren Ashley were playing with a ball…in the sand…in front of the camera… And that’s not even the end of it, they were wearing thong bikinis that show their gorgeous butts! We got also a cameltoe from Serena and a really nice ass crack as she checks her tushy for sand. And my gosh that’s a nice view! Look at those thin tan lines! The color, the cheeks, the crack! I’m going crazy over ass despite a strong liking of boobs!

The two were having fun running and jumping around. Check out Lauren with the wind blowing in her hair! This is a perfect photoshoot to inspire you, to make you want to go to the beach…or to your dark, secret place. You know, the one you get it on with two models! ;)

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