Selena Weber Wearing A Tiny Bikini At The Beach In Miami

Do we have any designers in the audience? If yes – guys, is this a minimalist bikini? The one you barely sketch on your paper? Let alone on a perfect body? And does she have a perfect body or not?! The hot-as-fuck Selena Weber wore a charcoal bikini with simple straight lines on the beach in Miami. Her cocky look was completed by a pair of sunglasses and the smallest bikini to date. And it sits tight on her pussy so we can all enjoy a wet cameltoe (in a pic or two). After some heavy breathing -go to the other pics where her ass is to the camera. And her gorgeous cheeks reveal themselves from the thong bikini….

I know the color red should attract all eyes, but for me it’s not working. I cannot look at the other girl when Selena decides to show off in a simple yet striking swimsuit. If I didn’t know any better, I would say the bra straps are painted on, it’s incredible how good her back and ass looks!…

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