Stella Maxwell See Thru At The Fashion Show In Milan


Boobies, boobies, boobies – three of my favorite things in the world!  Miss Stella Maxwell was on the runway at “Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini” Fashion Show in Milan, Italy. As a model, she wears the fanciest clothes but this time she wore the most see through shirt, a lace and pearl buttons one. Her playful titties were right down our street and we had an amazing view of one of the perkiest pair of breasts in the industry!

Her caramel nipples were a perfect match to the white lace and looked adorable, I mean I would adore ’em given the chance… What am I talking about?! Half the world would love those tits and nips given the chance, for God’s sake, she is a Victoria’s Secret model and a cutie of our gallery. If you remember we last saw her here, where her tits were on full display because of a wardrobe malfunction… Yes, we remember that incident, and quite frankly, I don’t want to forget it soon - I’ll be thinking of it and her poky breasts all day long!

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