Stella Maxwell Boob Slip At Love Magazine Party In London


I have a thing for breasts, I mean they come in so many shapes and sizes, with pointy nipples, pink areolas, perfect for grabbing, cupping, massaging, they are playful and mischievous and they make me go crazy! I mean, daaaaamn Stella Maxwell, your cheeky tits are perfect for a little suckling!

She is fashion model, actually an angel of Victoria’s Secret for a lot of reasons, great boobs aside! I admire her fashion sense as well, it takes some guts to wear any piece of garment wrapped and tied only around your waist, and her attire was bound to let a boob slip. Well – slip, show for an extended period of time, call it what you want, I care that we saw her nipple also, while she attended the Love Magazine party in London. I think she won’t forget this party soon after having this wardrobe malfunction, but bet on it, I won’t either! And neither will the internet – if you approve just holler in the comments section below.

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