Chelsea Leyland Topless On The Beach In Miami


It sure is a good start of the week with all these topless girls! Blasting us with hard nipples right here is Chelsea Leyland on the beach in Miami. I said blasting because her nipples look like they are about to laser beam us! (Don’t) take cover! She is walking casually and topless, just listening to music as the cameras immortalize her boobs.

She has milky white skin that glistens in the sun, so you can tell she is British. To contrast her palor, she wore a very colorful bikini, pink sunglasses, a bandana and a head set. Now normally I wouldn’t include the head set to clothing but those wires got me all confused and appear in every pic. This shows that she takes her job seriously, listening to music even when she goes topless on the beach. She is a very successful DJ, a must actually at fashion events! But she doesn’t stop at music only, she is a trained actress and a New York fashionista! Her plans include starting a lingerie line and her work deejaying all those fashion shows hint she may have a clue. If not, she can have a career in our gallery!

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