Sharon Stone Nipple Slip On A Beach In Venice


I have a bad mood today! Really bad! Well, there are days and days. What can we do … We can talk about Sharon Stone. She’s here, with a nipple slip, but since she is pretty old and her body is old too, we need to talk about her thinking of the old times when this little Hollywood princess was young, restless and hot. That scene she had in Basic Instinct is immortal. But who am I kidding – I would still do her. I would probably keep my eyes closed, but I would bang her if I had the chance. Who wouldn’t? It’s Sharon Stone, for damn sake …

The gallery was taken on a beach in Venice and as you can see, she had a bikini malfunction. Well, shit happens all the time. And that nipple slip could be accidental, indeed. Or maybe she wanted some attention?

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